Controllers - SD ControllersSPC810ev2K02

The SPC81Øev2K02 is the latest addition to the Symphony Plus controller family. SPC81Øev2K02 controller features include; a modular high-density design, low energy consumption, flexible DIN-Rail column or row mounting, and extreme operating temperature range (-40 to +70 °C).

The SPC81Øev2K02 controllers also are high-performance process controllers that support all types of control requirements including discrete, continuous, sequential, and advanced control applications. SPC81Øev2K02 controllers are capable of executing control applications that are demanding in terms of both data and computations.

SPC81Øev2K02 controllers have (4) RJ45 Ethernet ports PN8ØØA and PN8ØØB (located on PBA812 Process Bus Adaptor) for connection to the PN8ØØ Plant Network, EN 2A for connection to an optional SNTP network that provides precise time synchronization, and EN 2B for connection to MODBUS TCP networks. Both EN 2A & 2B ports are located on the module front plate.

SPC81Øev2K02 supports up to 30,000 Function Blocks, 1000 hardwired IO, and up to 8 remote IO links. SPC81Øev2K02 is capable of executing closed-loop control logic for up to 5000 process IO in less than 250 msec.

SPC81Øev1K02 is a Harmony Rackmount, redundant controller kit that includes: 2x SPC81Øev modules + 2x PBA812 Process Bus Adaptors + 2x TER8ØØ bus terminators.

Features and benefits

  • SIMPLE: SPC81Øev2K02 controllers provide time-proven solutions optimized for processed control
  • SCALABLE: SPC81Øev2K02 is optimized for medium-sized control applications of up to 5000 process I/O
  • SEAMLESS: SPC81Øev2K02 controllers connect directly to Harmony Rack IO over IOX-BUS. PBA812 enables the controller to connect to NTMP01 TUs for serial interfaces.
  • SECURE: S+ systems using SPC81Øev2K02 controllers have been certified to Security Level 1 as defined by IEC 62443
  • SPC81Øev2K02 controllers support high speed, synchronous, PTP controller communications over the CW8ØØ bus.
  • SPC81Øev2K02 controllers are configured by the S+ Engineering Tool Suite.
  • SPC81Øev2K02 hardware is designed for the optimum evolution/replacement of MFPxx and BRCxxx HR Controllers.