Communications - SPC Communication interfacesHRBX01K02

The cRBXØ1 Compact Remote Bus eXtender is the fiber optic repeater module for the redundant HN8ØØ IO bus of Symphony Plus.

cRBXØ1 fiber optic repeaters transparently extend the HN8ØØ IO bus of SPCxxx controllers. cRBXØ1 repeaters need no configuration and remote IO or communication module have the same function, performance and capacity as local modules.

HRBXØ1K02 is a redundant repeater kit that includes: 2x cRBXØ1 modules + 1x RMU610 base.

Features and benefits

  • cRBXØ1 fiber optic repeater module supports up to 60 HN8ØØ devices per remote link.
  • Fiber optic HN8ØØ bus is a star topolgy (point-to-point) with up to 8 remote links per controller.
  • Each remote link supports up to 60 HN8ØØ devices (SD Series IO or communication modules.
  • Using 62.5/125 µm Multi-Mode fiber optic cable with cRBXØ1 each link can be up to 3.0 km long.