Communications - SPC Communication interfacesCI850K01

The CI85Ø Communication Interface module provides real-time communications between SPCxxx controllers and IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) that communicate using IEC61850 electrical integration protocol.

CI85Ø enables switchgear and other electrical equipment to be directly integrated with SPCxxx controllers.

CI85ØK01 is a redundant communication interface kit that includes: 1x CI85Ø module + 1x MB855 base.

Features and benefits

  • CI85Ø IEC61850 communications interface module features include:
  • Data modeling according to IEC 61850-7-3 /4
  • MMS client functionality according to IEC 61850-7-2
  • GOOSE publisher & subscriber functions
  • Ability to send Single, Double and Select Before Operate Commands
  • Support for uo to 20 IEDs