I/O MTUs - SD Series I/OcHBS01

HN8ØØ is the redundant, 4.0 MBps IO bus of the Symphony Plus DCS SD Series system. Electrical HN8ØØ bus is made up of horizontal (row) or vertical (columns) bus segments. Horizontal row mount bus segments are comprised of SD Controllers (SPCxØØ), SD Series I/O and communication moduled mounted between cHBXØ1L (left side) and cHBXØ1R (right side) bus eXtenders. The cHBSØ1 Compact Horizontal Bus Spacer mounts between IO modules within a row and is specifically designed to create a 45mm space for field signal wiring.

cHBSØ1 has no active components. It is only intended to provide space for field signal wiring in horizontal rows.

Features and benefits

  • 24 VDC Module Power connection on cHBXBØ1L (left side) bus connector
  • Redundant HN8ØØ IO bus connectors on both cHBXØ1L and cHBXØ1R Compact Horizontal Bus eXtenders
  • Use cHBSØ1 spacers to provide 45 mm wide space within a row for field signal wires